The Story

Hello and welcome to my website and blog. My name is Louise and I am an intuitive and healer. After years of winning and losing, seeking and finding, I bring you my take on love, life and the universe. I hope you will find words to bring you greater understanding, peace, love and hope.  Some of what you are about to read are downloads from spirit and some are merely scribblings from my heart and mind. Feel free to comment and journey with me through this phenomenal life, through the best and worst of times.
My  life has not always been easy, in fact, much of it has been tough and hard going. Yet, through it all, I have found ways to heal myself and others and have come to a place where I am able more than ever before, to help and inspire others to view life as a phenomenal experience. Lets break the negative mould together and build an inspirational community.
I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Hypnotherapist, Meridian Psychotherapist and Kinesiologist and I am still learning. I am based in Sheffield, UK and offer these services from my home for now, but will be setting up clinics around the city some time soon in the future. Some of my services can be offered over the internet and therefore, I am not restricted to my city or country. As you flip through these pages, I hope you find something positive to take away with you and that there is something in what you read to brighten your day. 
Love and Light.