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Tarot Readings

The Story

I have been a Tarot card reader for over 30 years. In the very beginning, my readings were merely a skill based on the book meanings of them. Now, the cards are used as an aid to connect with spirit, who generously guide me, time and again and in turn, my clients through their best and their worst of times. The cards help me connect, help me get out of my own way and listen to the messages that come to me. They teach me something new each and every day, they bring peace and comfort to those who come to me for guidance. I read for people all over the world and this wonderful divination tool has allowed me to connect to people, people who I would never be able to connect with in ordinary life. To all those who have had readings with me and all those who are about to, I am truly grateful to know you and honoured that you choose me and place trust in my gifts.