A Conversation With Spirit

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Are you sad? asked the voice.

Yes, I am alone,

Lost, yet never found,

A pessimistic optimist,

I did not become who I thought I would be.

I am not all I hoped to be,

I am alone and my heart hurts, I replied.

You are all people and all things: a powerful creator an manifestor,

You have created your misery and manifested your solitude,

For you have never been alone,

You will never be alone,

Your idea of separateness is an illusion of your own creation,

Just as you have created your sadness, so can you create your own joy.

Learn to master your inner world and let go of the illusory outer world, replied the voice.

Who are you? i asked.

I am your higher self, your inner wisdom, your truth, your soul,

and I am right here, with you.

You have no need to look any further.

And just like that, the voice vanished.

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