Reiki: an Invisible Hero.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Everything in this entire universe is energy: energy is all there is. We, as humans are an accumulation of over 99% space and less than 1% matter and running our minds, every function of our physical bodies, our environment and the planets, is pure energy. We are a complex and invisible network of energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The air we breathe in, is a result of tree and plant life exuding energy and our exhalations become energy returned to them. We live simply because of this delicate, yet intricate dance of energy. Every system in our bodies is run on energy. Every synapse and sinew is fed by energy. We cannot see it, yet we know that it is there: it exists. This is our vital life force. The ancient Sanskrit peoples named it Prana, the Chinese C'hi and many others had many more names for this thing that brings us life, sustains life and indeed, takes life away.

For thousands of years, the Chinese art of medicine was based on the premise of the person as a whole being: not just a physical body, but an emotional, mental, physical, sexual and spiritual body. Weakness in any one or more area brings about illness. The meridian system along with acupressure points, are invisible to us. It is because of this invisibility, that modern science has been able to dismiss the validity of this discipline over the last 200 years or so, with preference given to modern science and medicine. Yet, despite this, many still find relief with the ancient techniques, especially when modern medicine has failed to do so. Fairly recently, science has begun to catch up and recent discoveries have found the invisible meridian lines, using the latest technology. However, my suspicion is that as pharmaceutical companies cannot profit from these ancient techniques, especially as it does not involve selling latest pill or potion to a vast population and as a consequence, this excellent healing modality is resigned to the ranks of the few who have an avid interest in maintaining their health, using as fewer chemicals and surgical procedures as possible.

There are ancient healing modalities from all continents and communities: all pregnant with wisdom and a certain air of forgotten knowledge. Much like traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Sanskrit peoples talked of the Chakra system. Based on the releasing of blocked energies in certain energy centres of the body. Like the Chinese, this system also takes the whole person into consideration. The Ayurvedic way of life, along with Yoga, aims to keep the body, mind and spirit in unity and perfect balance. A far cry from our modern system of medicine, where the concentration is mainly on treating a symptom through drugs and surgery. The downside being that when treating a symptom, we rarely treat the root cause, particularly if this root cause is of an emotionally traumatic nature. Little wonder then that mental ill health is becoming much more prevalent.

Reiki is a form of energy healing and this is where the explanation becomes difficult. We have been taught only to believe what we can see and to remain suspicious of that which we cannot. Yet we know energy exists. Because there are no magic pills and potions and because it does not involve surgery and something instantaneous and of course, we cannot see it, nothing appears to be done. We choose to dismiss it as pure quackery. Scientific experimentation is reluctant to seriously test the modality's efficacy and the experiments that have been done, have been conducted half-heartedly, through a purely modern medical lens. As a consequence, this gentle, loving and calming discipline and its virtues are largely dismissed. As we have a tendency to hang on the every word of medical professionals and place our unquestioning trust in them, we also follow the modern medical line and dismiss that which we cannot see or understand before we give it a chance. We have stopped thinking for ourselves.

I can explain Reiki, but somehow the explanation always falls short of giving it justice. I can explain what it can feel like and how Reiki can be of great benefit to people who suffer stress related illnesses and pain, and I can explain how this is done. Mostly it is at this point, that people begin to switch off and follow the old line, that Reiki is nothing more than quackery. Yet, I can lead you to people who have fallen in love with it, who would not now be without it: and some would say that Reiki saved their lives, quite literally. Mine included. I can show you people who I have given Reiki to, who have been at the other side of the world and were amazed that they felt a shift, and yet, most people would again dismiss this as quackery; a placebo. But we are talking about energy here and our body's energetic field goes far beyond that which we have been able to measure. We know that we radiate energy about 3 metres outside our body, but we also know that up to date this measurement is limited to the machinery that measured it. We know it extends much further. Science will catch up. One day.

We are beginning to see some relaxation in the field of modern medicine where Reiki is concerned. In the area of palliative care at least in the UK, Reiki staff are being employed. Reiki has become a firm favourite in this area and although no one can scientifically explain why Reiki is so effective in this area, there is no question that it is a valuable resource to those experiencing great pain, sadness and fear as they come to the end of their lives. These precious souls are afforded the loving, gentle, calming pain relief that Reiki is so wonderful for.

I continue to fail to understand the hypocrisy of the health service where Reiki is concerned: it seems to be beneficial to our most delicate loved ones at this worrying time and it does its job beautifully. Yet, we still refuse to consider the merits and willingly give way to scientific sovereignty. It is time that Reiki and other wonderful holistic practices were incorporated into the medical model and that in cooperation, we just might manage to help people manage their lives, their bodies, mental state and emotions with much more ease. Isn't it time that we released the grip that big Pharma have on the lives of so many thousands and taught people that pills can help but aren't always the answer?

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