The Gift of Choice

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

To a large extent, we choose who we become. We choose what we do, who we interact with, our happiness and our despair. Most of the time, we are not aware of this. We just fall into the collective narrative and allow ourselves to be swayed by the opinions of others. Most of the time, we are not aware that the opinions of others have been largely influenced by the opinions of others. Today, as we watch the world change so immeasurably, as we are taken right to the edge of despair and as we watch what we have become so used to, crumble away and get ever weaker, we can also choose how we react to that: how we feel about that and whether or not we wish to continue engaging in negative thought and behaviour.

Yes, it is quite true that we are indeed influenced by our senses; by what we see, feel taste touch and hear and we are also influenced by everything and everyone around us. We are indeed sensory beings. And we find it easy to allow our ethereal selves to go by the wayside. Our ability to fall unconscious to the energy around us and within us is exceptional and serves to help us find reason outside of ourselves for everything that brings us a sense of unease and discomfort.

Many of us find it easy and quite natural to adopt the views of others blindly, without questioning and as a consequence, we fall into line, take up someone else's baton for a cause that is not our own and begin to fight battles that are not ours to fight. We, as humans, need to find reason in everything and reason for everything. If the conclusions that we come to feel uneasy, we put aside the uneasiness because our innate need for belonging among our peers, no matter how harmful the association, takes over us and we mute our own perfect sense of correctness. Before we know it, we have willingly chosen to engage in acts of hatred, war, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy habits and even then we are sometimes still very oblivious to the fact that we always had a choice. We blindly accept everything we are told and wholeheartedly chose to believe that we must be someone special at the expense of others. All the while, we miss the point because we have been taught to miss the point as those who taught us were also taught to miss the point. And so, for generation upon generation, we have chosen to miss the point. We are finding ourselves at a new point, where the point will no longer be willingly missed.

The art of manipulation is indeed man made. From the dawn of time, we have manipulated our environment and each other, in order to somehow get ahead. This notion of hierarchy from the perspective of power based gain is peculiar to man. As a species, we are out of place on this planet, yet we choose to believe that we hold complete sovereignty over it, because someone, somewhere said so and we chose to believe it: it served us to become and remain arrogant. We quit cooperating and instead chose to believe in the leaders to whom we gave away our power. We worship the rich, famous, beautiful and the ruling class because we have chosen to forget that we are all, all of those things. We justify our subservience by choosing to believe that we will be one of the meek that will one day inherit the earth and choose to adopt the notion that suffering is a noble pursuit.

We choose to forget who we truly are and we have even forgotten that we have forgotten. We outwardly express our inner discomfort by impressing our discomfort onto others through the use of unkind words, isolation, the withdrawal of support. We even go as far as to mentally and physically torture others at times. The imposition of harm on others brings about the imposition of harm onto ourselves. An yet, we have forgotten that this is indeed the case. We choose instead to ignore our own emotions, because we have largely forgotten that they are in fact, our perfect guidance system. And yes, we chose to act in this way. We chose our own suffering.

It seems that during this unprecedented time, more and more people have chosen to retrace their steps and are seeking to discover the origin of their discomfort and are ready only for the truth, their truth. For those people the feeling of unease has become far too great to continue to bear and find their last hope is an entire dismantling of who they think they are and a rebuilding of who they truly are. We now choose to be seen and in doing so, we are aware that there are many who choose to remain as they are, who will seek to quieten, ridicule and isolate those of us who are more than ready to stand up and be labelled as idiotic, new age hippies. That's their business. All we can do is hold the space for them. We choose to stand firm, holding the light, waiting to take their hand and lead them through their self made amnesia at the time that they choose: most likely when they begin to remember as we remembered. This life is so much more, we are so much more than we have chosen to believe. I live in hope that one day, we will all remember our connection to all people and all things and become who we were always meant to be.

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